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Accused - Series 2

4 x 1 hour

In the docks of Jimmy McGovern’s second series of Accused, stands a sensational ensemble of British Acting talent. They are the innocent, the guilty and the somewhere in between.

These modern-day morality plays are fraught with emotion as they delve in to the tangled issues of gender stereotypes, a mother’s unconditional love, familial grief and paranoia, as well as challenging the justice system itself. With cases of gang violence, murder, sexual assault and crimes of passion, are these everyday defendants the guilty or the victims? Or both? 


International Emmy Award 2013 - Best Performance by Actor (Sean Bean)
International Emmy Award Nomination 2013 - Best Drama Series
Royal Television Society Awards 2013 - Best Actor - Sean Bean and Best Actress (Olivia Coleman)
BAFTA TV Awards 2013 - Best Supporting Actress (Olivia Coleman)


"Worth every haunting minute" - The Telegraph

"The performances were all brilliant" - The Guardian 

"The brilliance of Accused was in its casting" - The Independent 

Credit Line

RSJ Films for BBC1, UK


Sean Bean, Stephen Graham, Olivia Coleman, Anne-marie Duff, Sheridan Smith, John Bishop, Robert Sheehan, Ewan Bremner, Anna Maxwell Martin


Jimmy Mcgovern (cracker, The Street)


Producer: Sita Williams, Executive Producers: Jimmy Mcgovern And Roxy Spencer From Rsj Films & Polly Hill From Bbc


David Blair (the Street, Accused) And Ashley Pierce (downton Abbey).

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