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Shampoo Wars - Format

60 min eps

Creating iconic hairstyles for the world’s most famous faces represents the pinnacle of the hairdressing profession. It’s the domain of an elite group whose daily fees are more than a regular stylist earns in a year.

Here is an opportunity for a lowly high-street stylist to be catapulted in to the glamorous, high-octane world, of styling the stars.    This series follows the roller coaster journey from the regional auditions to the nail biting final challenge where the remaining stylists battle it out to win the chance to break away from the salon and break into the exciting world of session styling.

After a nationwide hunt, a few promising hairstylists are picked out of thousands of applicants.  The 10 finalists live together and squabble together as they compete in a series of hair based challenges featuring both technical know-how and glamour.  There is plenty of potential for influential hair and fashion brands to become involved in the show.

Each challenge is judged by our top hairstylist and fashion guru whose job it is to find the very best.  They also reveal their top tips for hair and let us in on some well kept trade secrets.

From creating styles to complement a new vintage fashion collection, to working against the super-tight deadlines of Fashion Week, there is no tougher hair competition.  This is a dramatic, star studded journey, littered with tears, tantrums and traumas as the contestants battle their way to the top.


E4 (UK) SBS (Netherlands)


In the UK Shampoo Wars increased female viewers by 10% compared to channel's average.

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Splash Media

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