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8 Weeks To Happiness - Format

60 min eps

Positive Psychology might sound good, but does it really work?

In this genuine and engaging factual entertainment format we aim to improve the happiness of people in the most miserable area we can locate. By taking the science out of the laboratory and onto the street – we guarantee both heart-warming revelations and life affirming transformations.

Eight volunteers work with three experts for eight weeks to see whether we can improve their lives. Brain scans, blood tests, immunity and hormone level checks are some of the scientific testing volunteers undergo at the start of this life-changing format.

Using positive psychology to help make real human connections we see how even the smallest acts of kindness can have a substantial impact the life of both giver and receiver. The challenges undertaken are based on real scientific research. Results are verified beyond just the “happiness scale” using medically proven data.

There are both group and individual challenges – in an early ‘group’ challenge volunteers are invited to a cemetery where they are asked to write their own eulogy!

8 Weeks to Happiness has a no nonsense approach and a sense of humour. And it works.

A full multi-media approach is at the heart of the show, allowing viewers to participate - from checking your own happiness score on the programme's website to taking part in the challenges and tests, all of which have a scientifically proven track record.

Eight weeks later, eight much happier volunteers and potentially a much happier nation too!


ABC1 (Australia) Licensed in France


Launched on ABC1 Nov 2010 and averaged 12% MS. The website had the largest page hits of any program on the ABC in November - over 1,000,000! Series 2 commissioned

Credit Line

Originally produced by Heiress Films for ABC1, Australia

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