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Passport To Love (aka Expat Seeks Love) - Format

60 min episodes

Home is where the heart is...

Six successful singletons are living the good life in far–flung corners of the globe. They have everything they could want: successful careers, beautiful surroundings, exciting lives…  Everything except love.

They haven’t found their love match in their adopted countries, so perhaps it’s time to search back at home. Their potential ideal partners are flown out to spend time with them and get a taste of what their new life together would be like.  But the course of true love never runs smooth…as other suitors arrive to tempt our singletons.  Passion, laughter and jealousy abound as emotions run high.   Who will our singletons reject, and who will they declare their love for, inviting them to start a new life together?  And will the chosen suitors forsake their return air ticket home to remain in paradise in the pursuit of love. 


VOX (Germany)


7.2% average market share across episodes

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MME for VOX, Germany

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