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Cube, The - Series 3

9 x 1 hour

Welcome to THE CUBE - a groundbreaking format where just seven simple physical and mental challenges stand between you and £250,000.

The challenges appear to be simple – but games become fraught with extraordinary pressure and tension when played inside THE CUBE. The BODY, the mysterious master of THE CUBE shows each contestant that every challenge is possible – but it’s not easy when you are in there,, under the spotlight… Tasks include Trajectory, Equilibrium, Shatter, Contact, Memorise – none are simple once inside this high pressure claustrophobic world.

The CUBE is itself a unique character - and an opponent - selecting from a vast range of tasks, the specific seven challenges that lie ahead for each contestant. THE CUBE offers two life-lines - one is to SIMPLIFY a challenge the other, TRIAL RUN. Do you have the skill, strength and nerve to keep mind and body focused and beat the CUBE?


Broadcast Awards 2011-Best Entertainment Programme
Nominated in Entertainment category for RTS awards 2011
Winner Best Entertainment Programme category BAFTA Television Awards 2011
Winner of BAFTA Television Craft Awards 2011 in Entertainment Craft Team category

Credit Line

Objective Productions for ITV 1, UK


Phillip Schofield


Hannah Dodson. Executive Producers: Adam Adler, Andrew O’ Connor, Andrew Newman


Richard Van’t Riet

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