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4 x 30 mins


For her 70th birthday, Mim wants her only child Fran to drive them on “the mini-break they never had”. Fran obliges but no good deed goes unpunished. When Fran vows never to go anywhere with her mother again Mim has a devastating trump card up her sleeve. She’s dying. Why else write a bucket list? And Mim wants to seize life until the pips squeak. With time running out on the deepest (and most deeply flawed) relationship she has, Fran knows she must share this journey with her mother. It’s now or never.

But it’s actually Fran’s journey too. Her life isn’t ending but in some ways it hasn’t begun. At 35, she’s stuck in a rut. It’s time for change and some important discoveries of her own. Exploring old wounds on new adventures, Fran and Mim dig down into their unique and tricky bond. With summer’s lease to see them change what they can and accept what they cannot. A bucket list of items that combine hopes, dreams and those significant milestones on the path of a life well lived.

Starring: Miriam Margolyes OBE (Harry Potter, Romeo + Juliet)
Creator and Writer: Frog Stone
Director: Rebecca Rycroft
Producer: Katie Mavroleon 
Executive Producer: Judy Counihan

Solution 3 Productions and Company Pictures for BBC Four, UK 

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