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Secrets of the Chinese Chariots

1 x 1 hr

The war machine that shaped China

For over a thousand years, chariots thundered across China’s battlefields – dominating warfare far longer than anywhere else on earth, and unifying the nation. In this documentary, a team of experts discovers exactly how the Chinese did it – how they perfected the ultimate high-status weapon of the ancient world.

In a special experiment, a team of Chinese and Western experts come together to uncover the secrets of these ancient Chinese chariots at a time when status and power were reflected in the number of chariots owned. Using archaeological evidence at Hubei, Jiangsu and elsewhere, the team replicates and tests a precisely built reproduction of an Ancient Chinese chariot to see how developments in their design improved their use as weapons of war.

The chariot was the supreme symbol of success and remains the great wonder-machine of Ancient China. This is a documentary not to be missed.

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Lion TV for PBS Nova, Arte, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation

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