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National Treasure

4 x 1 hour

Written by Jack Thorne (This Is England, The Last Panthers, Glue, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), National Treasure is a bold and poignant look at the disturbing prevalence of sexual abuse at the hands of privileged public figures, picking over the impact such historic charges have upon those on each side of the courtroom. Told from multiple perspectives, it forces us to confront what is required of a marriage, a parent, a child and of a friend.

Paul is something of a national treasure, a popular comedian whose adulation has seen him firmly engrained into the national conscious. Played by Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter, Cracker), Paul is a star of fading relevance but enduring popularity, the less successful half of a once beloved comedy double-act, famed and oft-quoted by fans for their witty and timeless catchphrases. As he settles into the twilight years of his life, a destructive allegation shakes him and his family to their core.

Accused of two counts of sexual assault, each some 20 years previous, Paul’s honour and celebrity face trial by jury, by press and by those closest to him, not least his wife (played by Julie Walters (Indian Summers, Harry Potter) and daughter (played by Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion). And whether unconditionally or dutifully, those who love and care for Paul must stand by the man whose word they have chosen to believe.

An incredibly insightful drama about a fall from grace, which could pertain to a church member, actor, politician or community figure. A figure that is highly regarded in the public eye but has a hidden murky past.


National Treasure was Channel 4’s highest-rating show on each day it aired. It is now the 3rd highest-rated show and the highest-rated drama on Channel 4 this year (2016). - Based on figures from October 2016.


Roma Fiction Fest 2016 - Best Actor for Robbie Coltrane (winner)
Roma Fiction Fest 2016 - Special Jury Award (winner)
C21 Drama Awards 2016 - Best Female Performance in a Drama Series (Julie Waters) (nomination)
C21 Drama Awards 2016 - Best Male Performance in a Drama Series (Robbie Coltrane) (nomination)
FIPA Awards 2017 - Best Screenplay Jack Thorne (winner)
FIPA Awards 2017 - Best Original Music (winner)
Royal Television Society Awards 2017 - Female Actor for Julie Waters (nomination)
Royal Television Society Awards 2017 - Male Actor for Robbie Coltrane (winner)
Royal Television Society Awards 2017 - Drama Writer for Jack Thorne (nomination)
Royal Television Society Awards 2017 - Mini Series (winner)
Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2017 - Best Actor for Robbie Coltrane (winner)
Televisual Bulldog Awards 2017 - Best One Off or Serial (nomination)
BAFTA TV Awards 2017 - Best Leading Actor for Robbie Coltrane (nomination)
BAFTA TV Awards 2017 - Best Mini Series (Winner)
Peabody Awards 2017 - Entertainment (winner)
Golden Nymph Awards 2017 - Best Long Fiction Programme (nomination)
TV Bulldog Awards 2017 - Best Drama Serial (nomination)
BAFTA Craft Awards 2017 - Best Director for Marc Munden (winner)
BAFTA Craft Awards 2017 - Best Editing (nomination)
BAFTA Craft Awards 2017 - Best Original Music (winner)
BAFTA Craft Awards 2017 - Best Photography and Lighting (nomination)


“It’s an incredible selection of British actors, doing top work from Thorne’s strong writing.” – Evening Standard

“***** Robbie Coltrane is superb in this dark landmark drama” – The Telegraph

“Robbie Coltrane’s performance is real to the core…Julie Walters is brilliant…A special shout-out too to Andrea Riseborough” – The Guardian

National Treasure is thoughtful, bold and accomplished” – The Guardian

“Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters turn in ‘Bafta-worthy’ performances” – Metro

“bring on the BAFTAs for Channel 4's dark and gripping drama” – Digital Spy

“Robbie Coltrane gives the bravest performance on British television in years.” – Digital Spy

“With a script that's unflinching without feeling exploitative, brought to incredibly authentic life by an incredible cast – and, in Munden, a director who infuses the whole thing with a surprising artistic flair – National Treasure is a grim experience, but a rewarding one.”  – Digital Spy

“That it’s gripping, well-crafted TV is perhaps not surprising: Munden and Thorne are a Bafta-winning team.” – Financial Times


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Credit Line

The Forge Entertainment for Channel 4, UK - The Forge Entertainment (National Treasure) Limited has been supported by the Yorkshire Content Fund in association with Lip Sync Productions.


Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter, Cracker), Julie Walters (Indian Summers, Brooklyn), Tim McInnerny (Blackadder) and Andrea Riseborough (Birdman)


Jack Thorne 


Executive Producers: George Ormond, George Faber, Jack Thorne, Marc Munden, Hugo Heppell, Norman Merry



Marc Munden

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